Product Description

RLZ CARBON FAIRINGS are hand crafted between high precision tools and are made with advanced composite materials that offer significant weight reduction opportunities.

Installation Of Parts

Most of the Carbon automotive parts that we manufacture are a redesign of the original parts for various brands while retaining the performance capabilities of the original. Hence there is no requirement that arises for additional fasteners/ hardware from those used for the original parts.

On random cases, where the carbon fibre parts act as a cover over the metal parts, a slightly longer fastener may be required that is typically available at any hardware or automotive stores.
Certain carbon fibre parts which are thinner than OEM plastic parts may require an extra washer during installation.
As a general rule, installation instructions/ manuals are not provided for carbon fibre parts and it is highly recommended that these parts be installed by a professional who is familiar with the mounting sequence of automotive body parts that is specific to the model.

RLZ CARBON fairing components can withstand a temperature of "100-110 Degree Celsius"


While the information contained herein is true, accurate and represents our best knowledge and experience from testings made inhouse and outer daily atmosphere.